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The missing piece

One last time I'm returning to my apartment the way I remembered it throughout all these years. Barely entered I notice that something is different. I am different. My beloved apartment is just the mere memory of a beautiful time in my life.

Part of me is already in Stierva. Each day I fill my lungs with the clearest mountain air, I enjoy the quietness, touch trees and don't see a thing lying in bed, but the blackest of darkness. Here in the city I am welcomed by the smell of pot emerging from my neighbor's flat. It's raining instead of snowing and in the evening it's actually not necessary to put on the light because of the lanterns in the street and the light emanating from the surrounding houses.

But I don't want to complain! My five and a half years here in Basel were wonderful! And thankfully I won't have to say goodbye to the people of this city, who will accompany me in this next chapter, too. Because YOU are not the reason for my move at all! On the contrary. Of course I will miss being at a friend's place in five minutes. Of course I will miss meeting someone spontaneously. Of course I will miss the cafes and the cute little shops in my neighborhood. But all of that cannot replace the missing piece anymore.

I'm longing for a simple life. One where the small things matter: having the responsibility to have a warm house by making a fire, watching the night sky and searching for star constellations, being exposed to the seasons, doing somersaults in the snow, being outside and marvel at the forest, becoming a child again.

Let the adventure begin! =)

January 12th, 2021

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