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Nature is a mirror

of yourself.

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Frauen umarmen sich

You wish for more guidance on a life topic? You need a different perspective? You long for more connection to yourself and nature? You want to incorporate the natural rhythms more into your daily life?

Take a break from your daily life and dive deep into the rhythms of nature, which are also your own. No matter if online or in the forest, mother nature can teach us so much about ourselves, because she is the mirror of ourselves, our biggest teacher and we are part of her.

During a nature guidance I gently guide you back to your true nature. Through yoga, forest bathing and mindfulness practices I create an offer tailored to you and your needs.

Nature guidance is not a coaching...

... but my way to show you that you actually don't need me. With my different trainings and my sensitivity I guide you in your processes so that you can help yourself with the support of the tools I teach you. 

In a first telephone call we find out what your topic is and talk about where to put our focus. You decide if your nature guidance is going to be an hour of yoga or a combination of yoga, nature and mindfulness. As I'm very interested in astrology, there is the possibility to consult your birth chart.

Im Gespräch mit einem Baum
Silvana Candreia im Wald

I adapt the nature guidance according to you and your needs. Possible topics may be:

  • You feel stuck with a topic in your life and wish for support sorting it out.

  • You want to create your life more around the natural rhythms.

  • You want to live more according to your cycle or the moon phases.

  • You wish for time dedicated to yourself and your self-care.

  • You want to create a morning and/or evening routing that fits into your daily life.

  • You wish for more connection in your life.

  • And so much more!


A nature guidance includes...

...a first call to get to know each other and to clarify your topic and your needs.

...a nature guidance in nature* or online.

...a compilation of the main exercises and questions we talked about, so that you have something to take with you after the session. during the following week via whatsapp/e-mail. 

*in the region of Albula/Surses in Switzerland.

Your investment

As individual the nature guidance sessions are as individual are the prices. During our first call we determine the duration and the shape of your nature guidance which makes most sense. I recommend a session of 90 minutes for a guidance in the forest and 60 minutes for an online session.

Generally I charge an hourly fee of 120.- CHF and 100.- CHF respectively for the online nature guidance.

But please get in touch even if the prices are not feasible for you. We'll find a solution as I want to make my offerings accessible for most people!

Frau in Dankbarkeit

Put in a request without obligation:

Please describe your topic and I will get in touch with you shortly.

"Silvana guides through rituals, yoga and meditations in a mindful and professional way. She respectfully invites to a deep connection to yourself and nature. The encouragement to self reflect, but also to observe my inner and outer world inspire me and let me perceive the rhythms of nature and my own more intensely. ."


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