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Dear summer-child,

do you feel the sun on your skin? The warmth in your soul? Do you hear the emerald-green stones on the ground of the stream? Do you smell the pine trees?

Look up, summer-child, and you'll see the summer glistening golden on the bellies of the swallows. Their silhouettes draw patterns on the sky, calling you. Listen to the flowing of the stream and dive into its clarity. Let the water invigorate you, newly born after only a few moments in the crystal blue.

Do you still recall the days when summer seemed an eternity long? Whispering the promise of becoming the best one of your life. And every time it slowly came to an end, you wouldn't want to let go.

I assure you, dear summer-child, it will come again. But just in case there are moments filled with longing, remember. Remember the shadowy spot under the elder tree, arching over you like a tent. The small, red strawberries on the wayside, juicy and sweet. The sun that shines through your bedroom window in the morning and retrieves you from your dreams. Remember. The feeling of walking barefoot. The warm summer nights spent on the clearing in the woods. All your favourite bathing spots in the stream. Remember that some dwarfs wear purple dresses and that the elves rest under the ferns. That the fairies illuminate your path and gift you colourful bouquets collected from the meadows. Remember. The golden green bugs. And the black purple ones. The viper's bugloss and all the other new names you learned this summer. Absorb all the experiences, moments and sensations and save them, on your own internal hard drive. Store them carefully inside your heart, ready to fetch and remember them again.

Dear summer-child, enjoy the moment, notice with each fibre of your body what summer brings. But don't forget, in the midst of remembering, that summer takes place in this instant. Right now. Go outside, lie on the grass, look up to the sky and spread your summer wings.


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