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It’s our holiday house, still. Furnished with my grandmother’s old things, without internet connection and with a lot of unknown cracking and creaking. We have yet to get to know each other, me and this house named Tgesa Touf. But nonetheless, it’s a home already.

I’m spending the Christmas days in Stierva with my family. The move is scheduled for mid-January and when I’m making my way through the snow, I can hardly believe my luck. I’m going to live here! Not even ten minutes away from the forest; the view of the valley and the mountains so picturesque; framed by the milky way on clear nights. And the quietness! Wow!

I can hear the blood running through my veines, it’s that quiet. Which is exactly what I’m looking for. And if there is a noise after all, it’s the crackling of the fire in the fireplace (and maybe one or the other house spirit).

Last Sunday I went outside. Hiked up the mountain to take some pictures and collect footage for my next film. I was all alone. No Sunday-walk-traffic, no distant city-rustle. The only noises: my footsteps in the snow, my voice as I spoke to myself and my laugh. Like a child I walked through knee-deep snow, followed the tracks of rabbits and deer and lay in the snow, letting my face be warmed by the sun. In moments like these I feel the connection between myself and my surrounding as if it’s the only existing thing. Meditation-like my focus is fully on the present. Nature doesn’t care who I once was or who I will be one day. She (nature is female to me) receives me even when I’m sweaty and unwashed and she doesn’t demand anything from me. I can lose myself in her without being lost and each and every time I find another piece of myself. She is my sanctuary.

Some years ago I wrote a song about this special place. Originally I intended it to be a love song to a person I yet had to meet, but as I evolved, this song did, too. When I sing it now, I see the old trees in the snowy forest, feel the fresh air in my lungs, hear the water of the stream and smell the resin on my fingers.

As a little Christmas present I want you to have this song. You just have to download the document (ZIP herunterladen) and then you should be able to listen to it.

That being said: enjoy my song called “sanctuary” and have a very merry Christmas everyone! =)

Download ZIP • 6.15MB

December 22nd, 2020


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