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New Year's Ritual

Dear reader

How wonderful that you're here! I'd like to share a new segment of this blog with you: nature's rhythms. In this category I will, every now and then, share exercises and tools I have learned over the years that have helped me grow and that feel good to me and I invite you to try them as well.

Today I'll lead you through a ritual, which I use when the end of a year is nearing, reflecting upon the old one and opening the new.

If this doesn't resonate with you at all, don't worry: my regular content will still be my main focus and you may just skip the nature's rhythms posts. In fact there's also a new video waiting for you at the end of this post that you can watch if you don't have the time or the headspace for nature's rhythms in this moment.

But of course I hope that you can take away something by doing the exercises and that you join me in closing the old year and welcoming the new one.

That being said, I wish you many insights and inspiration!

Yours truly,


Before we start

I recommend to write down your thoughts and insights, so that you can go back to them during the year. But it's also completely fine if you only do the exercises in your head. In any case it's beneficial if you take your time and are undisturbed.

This ritual is divided into two segments, which you can go through in one session. Sometimes the closing of the old year requires a lot of energy, so that you might want to do the second part on another day. Feel free and listen to your needs.

For me it is helpful if I first prepare my space accordingly. You might want to light a candle, make yourself a cup of tea, wrap yourself in blankets; whatever you need.

Ok. Are you ready? Let's go then! =)

The closing of the old year

Before we start with the new year, we want to look back at the old one in order to end it.

The following sentences are here to help you get clarity over the past year. I invite you to write down everything that comes to your mind. There's no right or wrong!

  • For me, 2021 was... (because...)

  • This year I'm especially grateful for / that...

Let's take a deeper look at four parts of our lives now:

  • Home: Relationships, friendships, family, home, love

  • Mind: Work, profession and calling, learning, finances

  • Body: Health, fitness, nutrition

  • Soul: Spirituality, dreams, the connection to your Self

In each area, reflect upon what was good and what brought you joy. Also think about what was difficult in these areas and maybe you are already able to see where these challenges have brought you. Write it down, too.

Is there an area that needed a lot of attention this year? How so?

In order to close the year 2021 I invite you to find a word that describes this year for you.

  • If 2021 was a word, it would be...

And finally contemplate:

  • Something I take with me from 2021, is...

  • Something I let go, is... (Sometimes it's helpful to let go of it in a physical way, by burning this sentence for example.)

Opening the new year

Welcome to the new year!

What do you want the year 2022 to be?

  • In 2022 I will / can / do/ .../ ...

  • An ideal year for me in this moment looks like this: ...

Like when we closed the old year, I invite you to focus on the four areas of your life:

  • Home

  • Mind

  • Body

  • Soul

What do you want to achieve? How would you like to feel? How do you want to be?

I'd like to give you a little tipp: pay attention to your phrasing! Always write as if it was already here. An example: Instead of writing I want to surround myself with loving people. write I am surrounded by loving people. Your brain always focuses on the first verb. Looking at the first sentence that would be "want" and hence you will always want, but never get. The second sentence's focus is on "be" and leads your brain to thinking that you already are, even if it might not look like it yet in your outer world. The choice of your words is very powerful.

Maybe you noticed that there's something you absolutely don't want anymore in the closing of the old year. Setting boundaries can be really difficult, but it's so important for our well-being.

Just as well you might have learned that there are non-negotiable practices you want to keep or incorporate more in your daily life.

  • A boundary I will set in 2022, is...

  • A non-negotiable practice for me is...

What intentions do you have for the new year? What do you want your life to look like, how do you want to feel? Find a sentence and then narrow it down to just a word that represents your 2022.

  • My intention for the year 2022 is...

  • My word for the year 2022 is...

Take your time to end this ritual. Maybe you want to share your word for 2022 with someone, as speaking something out loud can give the words more meaning. Also feel free to comment below what you want your word of 2022 to be.

From the bottom of my heart: thank you for taking the time to spend the end of the year with me and I hope that you will be able to fulfill all your dreams and wishes for the year 2022, because never underestimate your own power!

This post is inspired by the "New Year's Intention Setting Ceremony" of the Yoga Girl Podcast.

Video: Tending to the inner child

Do you know this inner voice that is constantly nagging? That is never pleased with you and never leaves you alone? I believe the inner critic dwells in all of us. But close by, in a much more beautiful house, lives the inner child. The part in us that lets us play, that sees the magic and brings us joy.

In this video I take you along through my inner world and I show you my winterly outer world. =)

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