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Finding magic

I have always been fascinated by magic. I know, I know, it's said that it doesn't exist. At least not the kind that is written about in books or shown in movies. Whether it's real or not it's up to you to judge. I, for my part like dreaming about it and I used to devour fantasy novels as a teenager wishing the Hogwarts express would pick me up and sweep me away into the fantastic world of Harry Potter. I went through a fairy phase, a dragon phase, a witch phase. And somehow it feels like I'm about to return to these magical phases. Just that this time it's not a phase, but something that I hopefully won't loose again.

Children see magic because they look for it. Christopher Moore

It's this recognition that I can see magic in everything, if I want to. The simplest joys of daily live can be transformed into something magical. Beauty can be found everywhere and it doesn't matter where or how I am. Does a flower cease to show its beautiful blossom just because I don't see it?

I know it's a huge privilege to get to find the magic in my everyday life. What I mean by that is that I have a roof over my head, I am healthy, I don't have to fear anything and I get to follow my dreams. None of these things should be taken for granted and to be able to see the beauty of life is a luxury not everyone can afford, because their basic needs aren't met at all. I find it to be important to acknowledge that before I continue.

I remember my childhood and how I always thought the grown-ups to be mistaken as they deemed witchcraft to be fantasy. And while I, too, inevitably grew up, I began to agree with them. But deep down I still felt that small seed that longed for something the rational mind couldn't explain, for something that sounded unreasonable, but still felt so wonderfully pristine.

Well... what I know is that for the magic I now can see and feel, one does not need a wand as I liked to believe when I was a child. I only need my senses, open and sharpened and suddenly a whole new world unfolds: I see shapes in the clouds and poems in the stars. I hear the crickets with their promise of summer and the silence that hugs me. I speak to the litte bird that is just learning how to fly and encourage its Mama that protects its offspring. The bats welcome me and I kneel down to each snail. Just as you cannot see the balance point of a stone, but only feel it, I can feel the fairies, elves, trolls and other creatures that live in the forest. Similar to when I was a child I am looking for magic - or maybe it is looking for me? - and oftentimes I can actually find it.

Do you believe in this kind of magic, too? Where do you find it?


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