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Ein Laubwald im Herbst

" That's what I want. Being connected to myself and my surroundings. Calmness. Time. Simplicity. Back to the roots."

My story...

I've had this picture in my head for several years now: a small cottage by the forest; me standing in my garden, holding a cup of tea and a cat by my feet. 

It's this picture that has grabbed hold of me. So many things in my life have changed over the past years. I am over thirty and in 2020 I quit my first adult job in order to pursue my passion of creating.

I know that if I hadn't dared to take that leap then, I maybe wouldn't ever have done it. My job as a teacher wasn't all that bad, I enjoyed it quite a lot, but it didn't fulfill me anymore and due to the sudden passing of one of my best friends I became very aware of my life being too short to postpone my dreams.

Therefore I didn't just quit my job after six years, I also left my first ever apartment. I moved from the city to my family's three-hundred year old house in the mountains, surrounded by nature. Because that's what I want. Being connected to myself and my surroundings. Calmness. Time to myself, to be creative and to learn new things. Simplicity. I want to go back to my roots.

And now I'm on my way. I try, I fail and I built on it. Here on "crappa e plema" I document this process, I write personal stories, nature inspirations and by organizing retreats, rituals and yoga lessons I aim to share the connection I feel to this land. Nature is my greatest teacher and my biggest source of inspiration and that's what this blog is all about.

Silvana Candreia
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Stein und Feder

crappa e plema

"crappa e plema" is Romansh, my second mother tongue, and means "stone and feather".

Stones and feathers for me are symbols for the heavy and the light occurrences in life. It stands for all that lets me grow personally. For sad and happy moments. For moments, in which I can feel the earth beneath my feet and for those who let me fly. In any case those are the moments that let me go deeper and that always turn out to be crystals. 

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